The Internet offers many different opportunities for students. One student may order a paper online and in a couple of days (or even hours!) get a perfect essay. Another student may search for examples and create an essay close to the read one, but without plagiarism.

The opinions about the pre done essays and their place in student studying have been divided. Some students consider pre done essays useful, others think about those as harmful. We suppose that we should interfere and cast light on some pros and cons of using pre done essays in studying.

Why do students use pre done essays?

It is impossible to answer the previous question without the consideration of this one. The problem whether pre done essays are useful or harmful depends on the purposes why those essays are used. There are two main reasons for using pre done essays. First, students may use those if they need an example for essay structure. Second, when students do not know what to write, they may consider some ideas in pre done essays.

Pre done essays are harmful when:

  1. Students just copy those and hand in.
  2. Students take the ideas from such essays and do not use imagination.
  3. Students use those for paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism as they do not think creatively.
  4. Pre done essays are helpful when:
  5. Students check the essays’ structure.
  6. Students consider a thesis statement and topic sentences.
  7. Students try to understand the style of quality essays writing.

Thus, it appears that pre done essays may be both harmful and helpful, it may be considered as time wasted and a great opportunity.