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Generally speaking, an essay is submitted as a requirement for graduation from an undergraduate or graduate program, although it is more common to find the essay submission requirements for a bachelor’s degree being applied to students who are taking advanced courses; by contrast, a dissertation is the product of years of work and is the culmination of a student’s body of knowledge in his or her chosen field pending candidacy for graduation from a post-graduate program. An essay is the basic premise a dissertation is built upon.

When looking to buy an essay or for any help or advice during the essay writing process, it’s best to look for a company that employs a staff of knowledgeable academics who are both highly-educated and highly trained and who are familiar with the complexities of producing a viable essay. However, it is wise to research such companies thoroughly before your consider whether or not your should buy a essay from them.

Things to Consider

The custom-writing industry is full of companies that make many promises; some can deliver on these, but the majority are unable to, whether it’s due to their lack of integrity, absence of qualified writers, customer care shortcomings, or—and, unfortunately, the majority of such companies fall into this category—the fact that many are scams and would be perfectly content to trap the unwary student once, take the student’s money and deliver something that is written incoherently, recycled from old student essays, “re-written” using article-spinning software (an automated thesaurus that replaces keywords, resulting in gibberish: think of monkeys with typewriters trying to replicate Shakespeare) or simply deliver nothing whatsoever, leaving the student short on cash and even shorter on time.

A trustworthy company, by contrast, is extremely careful about whom they employ and do their utmost to ensure that their writers are capable, reliable, intelligent, literate, contentious and help you if you tell "write my essay for me". A company that is safe to work with, if the student wants to buy a essay or hire an editor or a reviewer, will have a loyal customer base, will have genuine customer testimonials, will encourage active participation between the client and his or her writer as well as their customer support and administrative staffs and will have a secure site as well as guarantees in place for the safety of the student. A trustworthy company will work hard to ensure the student’s happiness and success and a trustworthy company will be most interested in helping the student to the extent of its abilities. Communication is key, both in terms of the success of the project and in terms of the happiness of the client base, and we place great emphasis on that.

With our company, you will be able to communicate with your writer throughout the writing process, and our customer support staff are available around the clock to answer questions that you might have. Our writers are both friendly and knowledgeable, and will not only keep you updated on the status of your essay, but will ask you questions and do everything possible to ensure that your essay is perfect for your needs.

Originality is Key

Everything that our company produces is one-of-a-kind and is written for you and you alone; if you are planning on buying a essay, your essay will be written to the guidelines that you set and using material that you provide; everything our team of writers works on is entirely custom, from start to finish, making it both unique and uniquely yours.

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We believe that your privacy and online safety are extremely important, which is why we have an ironclad terms of service: that your information is protected no matter what and that your essay is yours for life. Your essay will never be used again in any manner and your information will never be given, sold or traded to a third party. Our company prides itself on many things and protecting you is one of them: we know that student life can be overwhelming and that sometimes students require extra help, and we certainly know that extra help needs to come from a reputable, reliable, safe source, and that is our guarantee to you.